Carrom app for iPhone and iPad

4.2 ( 3392 ratings )
Games Board Family
Developer: Personae Studios
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Jul 2008
App size: 2.97 Mb

Carrom is a traditional game of skill which players taking turns using a large disc called a striker to propel other smaller discs called Carrom Men into any of the four pockets at each conner of the board to score points.

Latest reviews of Carrom app for iPhone and iPad

Holds promise
Decent effort. Nice elegant uncluttered interface. BUT Controlling your strike is impossible with current app. Much better(imo) would be using three buttons, one to lock the direction , one to determine power and one to execute the strike. Using touch to determine strike direction is very frustrating and none of the peple I know, some very good Carrom players, could control the strikes direction. Nice effort though...
Difficult to control direction of strike
I love Carrom, and was excited to find this game. The game is well written, but it is very difficult to control the direction of the strike. The strike really needs to be changed to two steps. Choose, the direction, and then swipe to control the speed of the strike. I think if this change was made, the game would be very very good.
Great old classic...
Carrom is a great old classic game. I love Carrom. There is no Carrom games available for PC, Mac or for any Gaming Console. I wanna say this is a very good effort. But there are some bugs that needs to be fixed. For instance when you flick the striker in a direction. It sometime goes in a different direction. Also, sometimes when you hit a Carrom men with a striker. It hits the Carrom men but the Carrom men doesnt move. Those are thing that definitely need to be fixed and Id love to see a software update soon to fix those and like the other reviews say. The striker placement should be improved as well. You should have the choice to move your striker where you want, once you place it. Right now, once you place the striker in the line. You cant move it. That should also be addressed in the next free software update. All in all its a golden classic game that came to life digitally by Personae Studios. Nice effort guys. Keep up the good work. Fix the bugs and enhance the software. The Carrom game can use the features that are on the Pool game, thats available for the iPhone. If the Carrom is smooth and flawless as the the Pool for iPhone. Itll be the best and fantastic game. Cant wait for the software update. Last but not least, The price is great.
nice effort
The Carrom-men move nicely. Striking the striker is a bit tricky. Back shots are easier than normal shots for some reason. Its not a free app, but I grew up playing Carrom and would have bought it even if it were more expensive... Please update the striker movement or allow us to choose how we want to strike it.. the normal: lock position, direction and power or the touch method. I like the touch definitely, but it needs SOME PRACTICE... All in all a fun way to pass time...Definitely 4 stars.
$ saved = $ earned
This game is a waste of a dollar. Very poor implementation. Striker does not go where intended nor do the pieces move as expected. Wrong physics. Its finally just a free for all whack it left and right and see what happens. Save your $. Better invested in Everest or tons of other $1 games.
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